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WCF Tutorial for Beginners

Quality software training has become too expensive. I have personally seen many young, hard working, talented students not able to achieve their goal of becoming a software engineer due to the spiralling cost of software training. I have created thousands of software training video tutorials and made them available at no cost on YouTube. Our goal is to help poor students who has the potential but cannot afford expensive software training. Start course. In this video we will learn 1. Creating, altering and dropping a database 2. Creating tables 2. How to add a check constraint in SQL Server 2. What is Identity column 2. Creating an Identity column 3. Retrieve the last generated identity column value 2. What is unique key constraint 2. When do you use unique key constraint over primary key constraint 3. Select specific or all columns 2. Distinct rows 3. Filtering with where clause. Sorting rows using order by 7. Filtering Groups 3. In this video we will learn about 1. The different types of Joins in sql server 2. Cross Join 3. Inner Join 4. Advanced or intelligent joins in SQL Server 2. Retrieve only the non matching rows from the left table 3. Retrieve only the non matching rows from the right table 4. Self Join - Joining a table with itself 2. Self Join is not a different type of join. In this video we will learn about the different ways to replace NULL values in sql server. CASE statement 3. In this video we will learn about the 1. What is a stored procedure 2. Stored Procedure example 3.

ASP.NET Core MVC Tutorial for Beginners | .NET Core Tutorial

A list of all frequently asked C interview questions with answers. This is just a suggestion. I would appreciate if you can also categories questions based on the number of years of experience a candidate holds, i mean when somebody if 6 years old in IT, what kind of questions will he be facing. Just to fancy that. Parvez Borkar. The questions are good. All these questios reflect framework 1. Many versions released like 2. It would be nice to all by including the different new things coming out from version to version. So the questions become complete and can ace any. Which one of the following is a limitation resulting from a class that has an indexer property but does NOT either implement the IEnumerable interface or any of its members? The class cannot implement a GetEnumerator method. The indexer can have only one parameter. Neither the "for" nor "foreach" statements is supported. The "foreach" is not supported. The indexer must return an "object" type. Very very sexy questions and answers I got job after reading these qus 50 times i dont have any exp but i got a job yoohoooo. Hiiii Venkat you are doing a great job. But it would be great if you add new concepts like wpf and silverlight with MVVM pattern or provide very good easy to understand links to understand these technologies. Thanks a lot. This blog awesome and i learn a lot about programming from here. The best thing about this blog is that you doing from beginning to experts level. Love from. If you are aware of any other C questions asked in an interview, please post them below. If you find anything missing or wrong, please feel free to correct by submitting the form below. C Interview Questions. Free C Video Tutorial New features in c 4. Give an example for explicit interface implementation Difference between EXE and DLL Why C does not support multiple class inheritance What are the difference between interfaces and abstract classes How did you use delegates in your project C Interview Questions on Delegates Advantages of using Interfaces Advantages and disadvantages of using generics What are the advantages and disadvantages of using collection classes present in System. Email This BlogThis! Anonymous July 13, at AM. Anonymous October 27, at PM. Anonymous November 6, at PM. Arch November 11, at PM. Anonymous November 21, at PM. Anonymous November 25, at AM. Anonymous April 27, at AM. Anonymous April 13, at PM. Anonymous April 30, at AM. Anonymous March 4, at AM.

SQL Server Interview Questions

What is deferred name resolution in SQL Server? Let me explain deferred name resolution with an example. Consider the stored procedure shown below. When you execute the above SQL code, the stored procedure spGetCustomers will be successfully created without errors. But when you try to call or execute the stored procedure using Execute spGetCustomersyou will get a run time error stating Invalid object name 'Customers1'. So, at the time of creating stored procedures, only the syntax of the sql code is checked. The objects used in the stored procedure are not checked for their existence. Only when we try to run the procedure, the existence of the objects is checked. So, the process of postponing, the checking of physical existence of the objects until runtime, is called as deffered name resolution in SQL server. Functions in sql server does not support deferred name resolution. If you try to create an inline table valued function as shown below, we get an error stating Invalid object name 'Customers1' at the time of creation of the function itself. Infact, this is one of the major difference between functions and stored procedures in sql server. For all the differences between stored procedures and functions, please read this artilce. Older Posts Home. Subscribe to: Posts Atom. For further details please call Real time project based training provided by working software professionals having more than 10 years of experience. Informatica Training in Bangalore Informatica training in bangalore delivered by a real time software expert having 10 years of experience. Software testing training institute in bangalore Software testing training on real time projects and placements. MSBI training on real time projects and placements. SQL Server. Written Test. HR Round. SQL Tutorial. C Programs. Buy DVD.

SQL Server tutorial for beginners by kudvenkat

Good Morning Venkat. This is Vijay from Chicago and i'm big fan of your tutorials as they are awesome, excellent and mind blowing Thanks Vijay. It is not an Angular error. This should solve your problem. Your JavaScript can't grant itself permission to access another website. Run Windows power shell in admin mode and type r and hit enter. And another one thing to tell in addition is if we are creating a api at the same time we should not have another visual studio window open. Close all the windows before creating our api project. Run visual studio in administrator mode. And follow the steps as I have mentioned. Thanks, happy coding. Hello sir, I'd like to thank you about your great work Can you please give me link for How to reset password base on old password of users in Angular 6. Thank you very much for giving us valuable knowledge. I'm very much interested to learn Azure. Could you please provide video series on Azure. Please make tutorials on azure sir great appreciate. It would be great if you can help share these free resources. Support us. Angular Project Setup Text Slides 2. Reading Data in Angular Text Slides 3. Angular Routing and Navigation Text Slides 4. Angular base href Text Slides 5. Angular Forms Tutorial Text Slides 6. Angular radio button checked by default Text Slides 8. Bootstrap checkbox in angular Text Slides 9. Angular bootstrap select list Text Slides Angular select options from array Text Slides Angular datepicker tutorial Text Slides Customise ngx-bootstrap datepicker Text Slides

SQL Server & SQL Server Interview Questions & Answers

NET Core Tutorial. This free step by step asp. We discussed all the asp. Throughout this. NET Core tutorial we will be building an asp. It really helps us. Thank you for your time. Please join me to gift education to those who cannot afford. Download the project source code from the following link. EmployeeManagement folder contains the asp. In this video, we will discuss what is ASP. NET Core and it's benefits. NET Core is a cross-platform, high-performance, open-source framework for building modern, cloud-based, Internet-connected applications. Install the required software and set up our machine for ASP. NET Core development. There are 2 softwares that we need to install for. An Editor like visual studio or visual studio code and the. Creating a new ASP. The different project templates that are available and what they do. NET project file. In this video we will explore and understand the asp. Just like a console application. NET core application also has a Main method and it is the entry point for execution. In this video we will discuss, the significance of Main method in an ASP. NET Core application and what happens behind the scenes when a. NET core application is executed. In this video we will discuss, in-process hosting model in ASP. NET Core and Kestrel. Kestrel is a cross-platform web server for ASP. NET Core. It is supported on all platforms and versions that. NET Core supports. With out of process hosting, there are 2 web servers - an internal web server and an external web server. The settings in launchsettings.

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